Don’t let your tickets go to waste again. With our ‘No Tickets Wasted’ program, we can help ensure that every ticket is used, here is how it works:

-Send us your top 3-5 family members, friends, clients, or organizations you would like to see your tickets go to.

-As soon as you know you can’t make a game, contact your rep and transfer your tickets to tickets@coloradoeagles.com.  

-We will do our best to get your unused tickets to someone who can attend the game.  This could be their first opportunity to see us play!

-Please include a good email and phone number of the recipient.  Don't have anyone in mind? Dont worry!  We are happy to work with one of the many charities, non-profits, or organizations that the Eagles already support, and get your tickets in the hands of a well deserving individual!  Some of those organizations include:

  • United Way
  • Local law enforcement
  • Military personnel, veterans, and their families
  • UC Health
  • King Soopers


If you have any questions, please reach out to the ticketing department by phone or text at 970-686-SHOT (7468).