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Wendy's Colorado Eagles Kids Club

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Registration for the Kids Club is now closed. Be sure to check back here before the next season for details on when registration will open up again!

Kids Club FAQ

  • How to register for the Kids Club

    • Registration is online only.  Orders are shipped right to your door and should arrive within  7 – 10 days.  Shipping is free.  Early registration is recommended as jerseys have a high probability of selling out within the first month of each season.  Cost is $32 (+ service charges) per child.
  • Jersey Sizing

    • In general jerseys are meant to be worn large – as if hockey pads or a sweatshirt would be worn underneath – this is especially true for our youth and adult sizes.

      Toddler 1T, 2T, 4T, and 6T/YXS jerseys will not fit as loosely.

      Below are some measurements to help you with your decision, as a suggestion from us, these measurements can be compared to one of your child’s existing long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts – for a baggier “jersey-style” fit consider going up to the next size.  If you would like your jersey to fit like the item you are comparing it to, then try to match the measurements as close as possible.

      • Toddler 1T (Recommended for ages 12 - 18 mo.)  
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve: 28.5″, Waist Width:  12.5″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  14″

      • Toddler 2T (Recommended for ages 18 mo. - 2 yrs.)
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  30.5″, 
Waist Width:  13″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  17″ 

      • Toddler 4T (Recommended for ages 2 - 3 yrs.)
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  33.5″, 
Waist Width:  15″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  19″

      • 6T / YXS (Recommended for ages 4 - 6 yrs.)
 *Please note - this size may fit some 7-year olds.
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  38″, 
Waist Width:  16″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  21″

      • Youth Small
 (Recommended for ages 7 and up)
 *Please note: The size jumps up a lot from the 6T/YXS.
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  43.5″, 
Waist Width:  18″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  27″

      • Youth Medium (Recommended for ages 10 and up)
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  45″, Waist Width:  18.5″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  27.5″

      • Youth Large (Recommended for ages 13 and up)
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  48″, 
Waist Width:  20″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  28.5″

      • Adult Medium (Recommended for ages 13 and up)
        • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  53″, 
Waist Width:  22.5″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  28″

    • *Quantities are limited, jersey sizes are subject to availability and on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note that after the season starts, we will run out of certain sizes.
  • Age Limit

    • The Kids Club is open to children ages 17 and under.
  • Space is Limited

    • The Kids Club is open to the first 500 kids that register.
  • When is Chuck-A-Puck Pickup?

    • 1. Chuck-A-Puck pick-up begins every season on Opening Night.  There will be NO Chuck-A-Puck pick-up at any preseason game(s).

      2. Chuck-A-Puck pick-up occurs during the 2nd intermission.  Please see "Check-In..." FAQ for more information.

      3. Your child's name will be on the list for the entire season and can participate at any game throughout the season.

  • Chuck-A-Puck Rules

    • We want you to be safe!  Know the rules, failure to follow these rules will result in being ineligible for future on-ice participation.

    • Wait patiently to enter the ice (no running, hitting, kicking, etc.).

    • Do not crawl under the stands; there are many sharp edges under there.

    • Stay on the dasherboard walls until all pucks are thrown and you are told by an Eagles representative that it is OK to enter the ice.

    • Do not throw pucks.

    • Do not run and/or slide on the ice.

    • Do not pick up pucks that are on the banners and do not put pucks in the center bucket, this ruins the game!

    • Do not hit or pull on Slapshot.

    • All participants must have a signed waiver on file to participate.

    • Child must be of walking age to participate in Chuck-A-Puck pick-up.

      Please contact us for special circumstances.

  • Check in for Chuck-A-Puck

    • CHECK-IN for Chuck-A-Puck pick-up is at the EAST ENTRANCE:  Be downstairs in the EAST ENTRANCE STAIRWELL with 5 MINUTES left in the 2nd period.

      (Note:  For busy games at the beginning of the season, lining up a few minutes earlier is recommended.)

  • Adult Waivers

    • Parents who wish to accompany a small child or anyone that requires assistance onto the ice must also sign a waiver. 

      Waivers will be available at the:

      • Chuck-A-Puck Check-In area at every game
      • Unlike your child's waiver, adult waivers will need to be signed each and every time you accompany your child onto the ice for Chuck-A-Puck pick-up.

        If you don’t need to go onto the ice, we ask that you do not do so, as it adds congestion to the line.  Please wait for your child in the drop-off area.

        Click here for online waiver.

Birthday Packages

We offer a variety of Group Outing packages including a birthday package. If you are interested in the Eagles Birthday Package please contact our ticketing department at 970-686-SHOT (7468), or send us an email at [email protected] and mention the Birthday Package in the subject line.




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Need to get in touch with us about the Kids Club?

Phone-Icon-Circle-LtBlue.png  Emily

Phone-Icon-Circle-LtBlue.png  970-686-SHOT (7468) Call our Ticketing Department and speak with any ticket representative!