Brad Hunt: Making his mark in Eagles Country

Brad Hunt: Making his mark in Eagles Country Colorado

Mar 16, 2023

By: Makena Megson

Eagles defenseman Brad Hunt was exposed to the fast-paced world of NHL hockey in 2014 when he experienced his debut with the Edmonton Oilers. For the next nine years, he would spend his time on the move, playing with teams such as the Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild, and Vancouver Canucks before making his way to Loveland to play for the Colorado Eagles this season.

Hunt fills the slot as the oldest player on the roster for the 2022-2023 season and uses his experience and mature perspective to make his mark.

“When I’m here it’s helping the young guys, it’s playing as hard as I can for our crowd and for our team. Just being an open heart and open mind. If someone wants to come ask questions, I’m here for them,” explained Hunt.

When it comes to personal goals for the season, he answers selflessly.

“My personal goals are to help someone maybe get to the next level,” said Hunt.

With the amount of player movement between the Eagles and the Avalanche this season due to injuries, he’s seeing his teammates do just that. In recent months, several of his young teammates, including Shane Bowers, Oskar Olausson, and Jean-Luc Foudy, touched NHL ice for the first time in their careers.

“Just have fun,” said Hunt when asked what advice he would give these teammates making their NHL debut. “You dream of that moment as a kid and when you finally get that chance don’t change anything and just enjoy it with everything that you’ve got. It’s something that everyone should be very proud of when they get that first call up.”

In early December, Hunt also got his chance to skate in the big leagues once again when he was called up by the Colorado Avalanche. He has now played 39 games with the team, registering 3 goals and 4 assists in that time.

“The speed and the competitiveness that they play with,” said Hunt when describing his time with the Avalanche. “How they stick together as a team, they don’t get too upset or too excited. They just don’t give up.”

Hunt has certainly made a positive impression this season. While wearing an Eagles jersey he celebrated his 300th AHL game, has accumulated 21 for the team so far in 21 games, was named a 2023 AHL All-Star, and was most recently given the title of captain for the Eagles.

“Obviously it’s a huge honor and I’m gonna do the best I can to lead the team in the right direction,” said Hunt. “It's super special whenever you get named captain, a lot of trust gets put on your shoulders and it means a lot, I’m excited”

Hunt has played in front of many crowds during his career, but his emotions when playing for Eagles Country is unlike anything else.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” said Hunt. “It doesn’t matter what day it is, Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Friday. It’s always packed in here, the passion in the building blows the roof off this place and it’s a lot of fun as the home team to come here and play. It’s something I’ve never seen before and it’s something that’s really special.”

If there’s one thing that has contributed to Hunt’s positivity and success, it’s his blatant love for the sport.

“Getting to come to the rink and doing something that I love every single day,” Hunt says while reflecting on his biggest motivations throughout his career. “Enjoy the moment because it doesn’t last forever.”

Hunt was asked to describe how he felt about his season so far. With a big toothless smile on his face, he answers with one word only,


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