My Hockey Family

My Hockey Family

Aug 7, 2019

Definition: Hockey Family

hock·ey fam·i·ly

- A group of 2 or more individuals, of which there may or may not be any blood relation, that share a deep and devoted interest in Eagles hockey.


Over the course of our 17-year-old franchise, Eagles fans have been bonded through thick and thin. From the Central Hockey League to ECHL to the American Hockey League. From championships to All-Star games to Game 7's. Eagles fans have formed a close bond to the people that sit next to them, just like the players in the locker room. The people that are riding the highs and lows of the season with you every week, your Hockey Family.

This season we’re asking Eagles fans to introduce us to their Hockey Family. We want to get to know your Hockey Family. What makes your Hockey Family special? How did your Hockey Family start? How many people are in your Hockey Family? Do you all sit in the same section? Or meet up for intermission snacks and drinks? Once a month we’ll be highlighting a Hockey Family at one of our home games. This will include a feature video, with interviews of Family members and Family highlights at a game, and unique Eagles experience for you and your Hockey Family.


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