New Team Facilities Unveiled

New Locker Room Unveiled Ahead of Opening Night

Oct 4, 2018

As Opening Night nears for the Inaugural AHL season the locker room starts to take shape. Not only on the roster sheet but in a physical sense as the remodel of the previous locker room finishes up.

The American Hockey League requires a certain standard that each team’s facilities must meet before the season starts, and the old Eagles’ locker room was a bit too small. Through hours and days of demolition the room started to expand. "Heaven to hell to the NHL, here we are. Amazing." President and General Manager Christ Stewart said, "The hell was seeing everything ripped out that had been there for years. Now it's like Christmas morning seeing all of it finished. Certainly the county was a bid player in this and always has been. If we don't have a strong relationship with them, none of this works." 

Below are photos and descriptions of each part of the Eagles’ team facilities.


Coach’s Room


  • The coach’s room is comprised of five coaching desks, a flat screen TV, and a smart-board for interactive video coaching.

Main Room


  • The main room hosts 29 regular player stalls, with two goaltenders occupying two stalls apiece. The main room boasts a 75-inch smartboard for interactive video coaching the whole team can utilize. Also a part of the main room media is an eight foot projector screen that comes down from the ceiling, used specifically for full team video coaching.

Change Room


  • Just down the hall from the main room is the players change room. This change hosts a stall for every player to keep their street clothes and any other personal items.


Training Room


  • The training room is specifically used for players that are recovering from practices and games. Some of the special equipment used for player recovery and injury management are the therapeutic modalities, which include in them an ultra sound and electrical stimulation. Other recovery devices include NormaTec boots, a light therapy machine, a hot and cold tub, along with four treatment tables and a “quiet room” for players that are dealing with head injuries.

Equipment Room


  • The equipment room hosts the team skate sharpener and sewing table for sharpening skates and repairing any equipment.



  • At the opening of the player’s entrance to the locker sits the kitchen. Outfitted with a couple refrigerators and some counter space to provide the players an area where they can make post practice snacks and prepare their protein shakes.

Weight Room


  • The weight room was built out large enough to hold an entire team workout in it. With two squat racks, a free weight and plyometrics area, along with varying stationary bikes and treadmills. This room is ideal for pregame stretches and off ice workouts post-practice and post-game.
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