Getting to Know: Nick Henry

Oct 7, 2019

Q&A by Kitt Amundson



Q:           How old were you when you learned to skate?

A:            I think I was about five. I was put in the CanSkate program at home and I refused to skate all year long.  I would make snow angels, and then I would want to come off to go to the bathroom, and then I would ask my dad to take me home.  My dad said there was one day towards the end of the year where something flipped and I wanted to skate, and things took off from there.  I started playing hockey when I was six.


Q:           Did you have any idols growing up?

A:            I think I would have to say Sidney Crosby was who I looked up to.  He was a young player and he was excelling.


Q:           Have you realized that you are his peer now?

A:            Kind of.  I think I realized it more last year when I got to play in an exhibition game playing against some  guys that I had watched growing up.  You are star struck a little bit, but then you have to figure out that you are doing pretty well and at the same level as them, and you are working for a job.  It was really surreal.


Q:           What is it like when you are asked for your autograph?

A:            Someone asked me for my autograph the first time when I was sixteen, in my home town and that was kind of weird.  But now it is pretty exciting. We are in a pretty fortunate spot as hockey players.  It is a nice feeling.


Q:           What motivates you?

A:            I think that I want to be a better player every single day.  I like to call myself a hard worker; someone who wants to get better every single day. I think my practice habits are working hard and learn something new and get better at something every single day.


Q:           Who influenced you the most growing up?

A:            I think it would be between my grandpa and my dad.  My dad really pushed me as a kid, but grandpa always came to all the games.  He watched me a ton, and sure taught me a lot.  He was a huge part of why I wanted to be a hockey player.  They both played hockey.


Q:           What is the one thing, that no matter how much your friends would pay you on dare, that you just could not eat?

A:            Oh-raw fish. I am not a sushi guy.  I just started eating dynamite rolls like last week.



Q:           You get to have a dinner party, and invite five people living or dead, who would you invite?

A:            Michael Jordan, David Ortiz, Sidney Crosby, Blake Wheeler, and maybe, Will Ferrell.


Q:           What is your goal for this year?

A:            I think my biggest goal is just to come in and learn every single day. I am a young guy at twenty, and obviously I still have a chance to play junior but I want to learn lots and contribute as much as I can grow as a person and a player.


This or that?


Dog or cat?


Netflix or Youtube?


Phone call or text?

               Phone call

Cardio or weights?


Facebook or Twitter?


Cake or pie?


Coffee or tea?


Which is worse-doing laundry or washing dishes?

               Doing dishes

Mountains or beach?


Batman or Superman?



What would your superpower be?

               To be invisible

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