Miska Designs Special Pot of Gold Mask

Hunter Miska Designs Pot of Gold Mask

Mar 21, 2020

Eagles goaltender Hunter Miska wanted to add to this year's Pot of Gold auction in a unique way. For the first time ever, a Pot of Gold goalie mask was created! Hunter, along with his dad Todd Miska and Bauer representative Tim Boron, set out to create a unique Pot of Gold mask in hopes of raising more money for Jayce and the Vogel family.

Hunter Miska and Tim Boron
Hunter Miska & Tim Boron

Before we get into the design of the mask, we'd like to thank Todd Miska for donating his time and resources to the creation of this mask. We'd also like to thank Bauer and Eagles former goaltender Tim Boron for donating the mask.

"I'm pretty fortunate that my dad gets to do my masks and it's allowed me to do some masks over the years for different causes that I support," said Hunter Miska about the opportunity to do a Pot of Gold mask. "When I heard about the game and the cause behind the game I knew I could create a special mask that would POG Mask-6.jpghopefully help get some more money for Jayce in the auction. It's a pretty simple design with the cauldron overflowing with gold coins on one side, and then you have the Celtic knot on the other side with all the past recipient initials on there. Seeing those initials on the helmet definitely adds some weight to it. It's more than just a normal goalie mask, it stands for something bigger."

"On the chin, I have the Eagles logo with the feathers colored as the Irish flag. Then going up the front I have just a couple of lines with the orange and green one down the middle and then in the background I have some four-leaf clovers shadowed in. So pretty cool design, and then on the backplate I've got the same Eagles logo with the feathers colored as the Irish flag."

CLICK HERE to sign up to get notified when the Pot of Gold Auction goes live. We can’t wait for this hockey hiatus to be over so we can celebrate the Vogel family and treat them to a special night that only Eagles Country knows how to do!

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